What Is Real?


I feel like I am in a dream

And the particles that make me

Are vibrating

Shifting from solid form

Into nothing.

Am I a ghost?

A stranger smiles my way.

I must be real.

Unless this is all fake.

How do you tell if you’re alive

When even pain just feels like a distant memory?


Give Me A Reason


Give me a reason

Like leaves in the seasons

To change, for you

It’s been a long hard winter

I’m prepared to wither away

But you say you don’t want me to

Oh, you want me to stay

But oh, I don’t want to stand still

Just give me a reason

You beg and you’re pleading

For me

But you have nothing to give

Winter has ended

I don’t want to get left stranded

Watching you walk away

Oh no, no, no, no

Just give me a reason to stay.

A song written for a Fantasy in progress, What If. Read the first few chapters on my other blog authormercedes.weebly.com